pregnant with triplets

So, you’re pregnant with triplets?

From the earliest symptoms of a multiple pregnancy, the road of those expecting triplets, quads or even higher, isn’t an easy one. Fears of premature birth, infant loss, financial and marital strain, not to mention the physical toll that carrying

best triple stroller

Best Products for Triplets

Find the best triple or quad strollers, car seats that fit three across in the car and the best products to make life with triplets or more as easy as possible.

parenting triplets advice

Raising Triplets, Quads or More (and staying sane)

Being a parent of triplets or higher order multiples is a heck of a ride and no one really understands what it’s like unless they’ve been there themselves. Having several young children at a time is always a handful and


Finding out you’re expecting triplets or more brings a range of emotions, form surprise, fear, excitement and straight up shock!

There are many, many resources out there for parents of twins, but it can sometimes feel like a lonely journey with higher order multiples. Some things can only be understood by those who have been in a similar situation.

This website was created because I realised there just wasn’t enough specific advice available during my triplet pregnancy. Parenting three children of the same age has also brought unique challenges (and joys) along with it and I’ve found a lot of value in shared experiences from other families with triplets and more.

Maybe you are stuck searching for a pram that will fit all of your babies while still allowing you to fit through doorways or encountering relationship stress? Are you struggling with how to treat your children as individuals while still celebrating their bond of being multiples? I hope this resource helps you by providing some insights from those who have “been there, done that” when it comes to being pregnant or parenting triplets or more.

If you have a story to share about your own experiences as a parent of triplets or higher order multiples, please get in touch via the Contact page!