Are they “natural”?

are triplets natural

“So, your triplets … are they natural?”

I lost count of how many times I’ve been asked this a long time ago. I try not to screw my face up and give people the “stink-eye” when faced with this question because I know it comes out of people’s mouths without realising the intrusive nature of the inquiry. They are understandably curious as they aren’t used to meeting people with more than one baby at a time – I get that. Seriously though, let’s have a think about the question… Read more

Breastfeeding triplets – one mum’s experience

breastfeeding triplets

breastfeeding triplets

“Can you breastfeed triplets?”  I remember being asked that question more than once.  When I found out I was pregnant triplets, I was determined to attempt breastfeeding them for a minimum of 12 weeks & I had some clear goals in mind:

Plan A: Twin feeding two babies while third has expressed breast milk (EBM). Bottle fed baby would rotate each feed to keep things fair.
Plan B: Twin feeding two babies while third has formula. Formula fed baby would rotate each feed.
Plan C: As close to Plan B as I can get! Read more