How to explain to my child they were conceived through an egg donor…

explaining egg donation to my child

egg donor child

How do I start the conversation? What is the right age? How do I explain egg donation? Every parent of a child conceived through an egg donor will ask themselves these questions. Just like talking to any child about how they were conceived, there really isn’t a golden rule as to a right or wrong way to explain things or a perfect age to have the conversation. Every family is different and each child’s story will be unique. Here are some tips to help you find your own way to talk to your child about egg donation: Read more

Convertible Car Seats – A Guide to Australian Car Seat Laws:

In Australia, recent changes to car seat laws mean children must be in a child restraint when traveling in a vehicle until they are seven years old. The laws relating to child restraints are based on age for simplicity, but it is important to take their size in to account to ensure they are in the appropriate type of child seat to maximise their safety. Parents need to check for shoulder markers on child seats to gauge whether their child is ready to transition to the next type of seating. It is safest to move your child to the next stage of car restraint once they have outgrown the previous one, rather than simply transitioning when they have reached the minimum age requirement complying with car seat laws. Read more