A Quick Word About Australian Standards for Prams and Strollers

A Quick Word About Australian Standards for Prams and Strollers:

Due to the limited range of triple and quad prams available in Australia, many families are turning to online stores for a greater variety of choice.  If you are concerned about whether an overseas model meets Australian Standards, here is a bit more information to help you out.

Some of the triple and quad pram models mentioned here aren’t available in Australian stores, but that hasn’t stopped many a multiple mum purchasing them online from overseas.  AS/NZS 2088:2000 is the Australian /  New Zealand standard for strollers and it is a voluntary standard that strollers don’t have to meet in order to be sold here.  The ACCC, however, has imposed a set of further mandatory requirements, based on parts of AS/NZS 2088:2000, such as a wrist tether strap and that the parking brake on all prams and strollers being red for easy visibility.

The mandatory requirements only apply to businesses (distributors and retailers), which means stroller imported by an individual for their own private use is not required to meet the mandatory standard.  Obviously, the standards were introduced for good reason  (I’m sure we can all recall terrifying news footage of prams rolling towards the edge of railway platforms) and enhance the safety of you pram, so it’s recommended to stick with those that meet the mandatory standards, or make the adjustment required to bring your pram in line with those standards, such as purchasing tether straps separately.

When looking for a triple or quad pram, some safety features you should consider include:

– linked foot pedal brakes on the rear wheels (so when one is applied, they both activate, rather than having to apply them both individually);
– an adjustable five-point safety harness;
– potential finger traps for your children (and for you, particularly when collapsing the pram or stroller;
– child proof locking mechanisms.

Aside from safety, remember that overall functionality is important too.  Other points to consider include:

– Size, weight and ease of assembly / disassembly.  It’s a good idea to try fitting the model you choose in your car BEFORE purchasing it!  Are you tall enough to see over the top?  Will it fit through doorways?  Are you physically able to lift it in to your vehicle?
– Adjustable handlebars to suit both you and your partner / the grandparents if there is a significant height difference.
– Sun shades or rain covers for you little ones.
– Storage room.  With three or more children, you’re going to be lugging around ALOT of essentials, and that’s before you’ve even bought the shopping.  With triple the nappies, wipes, change of clothes, dummies, bottles etc, you need to consider a roomy stowage compartment.  A suggestion from many parents of multiples is to simply forget about the fancy nappy bags and get yourself a decent backpack so you can keep your hands free!
– Cup holder.  Multiple babies = Sleep deprivation + coffee.  You’ll thank me for this suggestion later.

For more specific information on some of the more popular models of triple and quad prams available in Australia, check out the following page.

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