From Pregnancy to Parenting with Triplets

When I found out I was expecting triplets back in 2011, I immediately turned to the internet for more information. I found there was an abundance of websites dedicated to parents of twins, but there really wasn’t a lot out there about Higher Order Multiples (HOM).  As the months (and years) went by, I often found myself in situations where I was either researching specific products such as triple prams or which brand of car seats would fit three across, or looking to buy in bulk when it came to items such as nappies (150 per week as newborns!).

triplet pregnancy advice
My triplets and I, 10 weeks old

The designated HOM websites were generally US based and while I found advice on forums from other parents helpful, they couldn’t always advise me on products or services, as they were different to what was available here in Australia.  I’ve been part of a great community of HOM families via social media for a few years who are a wonderful source of emotional support, but I noticed that the same questions are repeatedly asked there and realised that maybe a website would be a better platform to provide information for expectant parents and families of triplets, quads or more.

I hope this website is a place that makes the lives of HOM families a little easier and a way to connect with those who have also been there and “get it”.  Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for the site as I would love to hear your feedback.


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