Avoiding stretch marks in a multiple pregnancy… it’s worth your best shot!

Is it possible to carry twins, triplets or more and walk away without stretch marks?  Multiple births groups on social media and online forums say it is. 
When skin is stretched a lot over a short period of time, such as when carrying twins, triplets or more, it can result in stretch marks.  Starting of as red or dark pink lines on the skin, they often fade over time to pale pink or even silvery lines and are most common on the hips and tummy area, remaining after the skin has returned to its’ previous shape.

Stretch marks most commonly appear in the later months of pregnancy, but in the case of a multiple birth, they may show up earlier due to the extra stress placed on the skin.

We’ve spoken to dozens of women who have carried two or more babies and avoided stretch marks, so we picked their brains and distilled their results to put together our top tips to prevent stretch marks during your pregnancy.

1.  Hydrate.

We’ve all heard that we should drink more water, but why exactly is it so important in avoiding stretch marks?  Your skin is actually 64 per cent water and it is the largest organ in your body.  When it is dehydrated, your skin becomes dry and tight, unable to conform to your growing belly and is forced to “tear” beneath the surface, resulting in stretch marks.

2.  Eat right.multiple birth without stretch marks

Did you realise certain foods can help to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?  Nourish your insides and your skin will thanks you for it.  Ever noticed how a sugar binge results in a breakout of pimples?  Your skin’s health depends just as much on what you give your body on the inside as what you put on it on the outside.  I always sigh seeing women spend huge amounts on expensive anti-aging face creams then light up a cigarette and wash it down with a Coke.

Foods that contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Zinc will give you the most benefit for healthy skin and include:

– Oranges, grapefruit, broccoli, berries, capsicum and melon are high in Vitamin C
– For Vitamin A, think orange coloured foods such as carrots, rock melon, pumpkin, mango and sweet potatoes.  Leafy greens like spinach or kale are a good choice too.  Butter is a great source of Vitamin A as well and liver is an absolute powerhouse.  If you can’t stomach liver, try cutting in up in tiny amounts and freezing it (once cooked) then swallowing it like a little pill or putting in it the food processor then mixing it with a little regular mince before cooking.  Or you could just go for tuna instead!
– Seeds, nuts wheat germ, avocado and cooked tomatoes contain good amounts of Vitamin E
– Zinc is found in lean meat, lentils, beans and bananas.

3.  Oil up.

The overwhelming response from women out there is that Bio-Oil is the leading product to prevent pregnancy stretch marks.  Despite its’ great reputation, Bio-Oil doesn’t suit everyone.  Some complain of its’ smell and other get pimples when using it or are put off by the long list of synthetic ingredients, so if Bio-Oil isn’t your bag, try another option.

Many other women swear by oil alternatives such as olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil, which are much more cost effective, but can leave more oily residue on the skin.  Commercial products containing birch oil, rosehip oil or apricot oil may be your preference.

4.  Creams and body butters.

Everyone has an opinion on these products and of course there isn’t a one hat fits all solution.  The standout favourites based on social media and online forum results from mothers of multiples are:

– Palmers Cocoa Butter
– Burts Bees products
– Cetaphil moisturiser.

Hot tip:  When applying any topical product, use in just after you dry off from the shower, as your skin will absorb in better.

We hope this article will save you poring over the internet for hours searching for ways to prevent stretchmarks during your multiple pregnancy.  The information is a result of actual women who have shared their accounts and experiences.  As with all things in life, what works well for one may not always work for another and it’s pretty safe to assume that good old genetics do come in to play a bit when it comes to the likelihood of getting stretchmarks when pregnant.  At the end of the day, don’t lose too much sleep over it.  Focus on the safe and healthy arrival of your beautiful babies and know that once they are in the world, you won’t feel nearly as worried about stretch marks as you expect.

3 thoughts on “Avoiding stretch marks in a multiple pregnancy… it’s worth your best shot!”

  1. After having a baby.. most of us get stretch marks in the belly, mine were not that bad not that good but I decided to try dermalmd stretch mark serum for all the good reviews.. after 2 months of use, I noticed they still look pretty obvious but the redness faded. and generally, my belly looked better. Yes I would recommend it.. just don’t expect any miracle.

  2. Sarah M - Triplet Mom

    Thanks so much for your input, Merry! Always happy to hear more recommendations from people 🙂

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