Can I fit three car seats across? Find out here…

Which car will fit three car seats across? I’ve seen this question asked repeatedly among families of multiples or with closely aged young children. I’ve been able to collate a list of motor vehicles and the car seats (capsules through to booster seats) that fit in them. This list has been provided by individuals, so I can’t verify the information provided and strongly suggest you check that your chosen child seats definitely fit in your car before purchasing either the car or the seats! I’ll continue to update this list periodically, so feel free to email me with your own vehicle details and specific child seats that fit three across.

Click on the link below:

List of vehicles with car seats fitted three across.

Remember, this is simply a list of cars that will fit three car seats across. It doesn’t take in to account additional factors such as boot space (necessary if you need to carry a pram for babies). Many families (including mine) have a larger vehicle equipped to carry both the family plus extra gear as well as a smaller car (possibly for commuting and fuel efficiency), also equipped with car seats for convenience. Remember that rear facing car seats take up more space when in this position and may mean that the front seats need to be pushed forward more than normal, so if you or your partner are particularly tall, consider how this will impact on your leg room. If your vehicle only has two anchor points, you can get additional anchor points professionally fitted at a reasonable price.

If you would like to contribute to this list, send me an email on my Contact page and I’ll update the post periodically.

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