A Quick Word About Australian Standards for Prams and Strollers

A Quick Word About Australian Standards for Prams and Strollers:

Due to the limited range of triple and quad prams available in Australia, many families are turning to online stores for a greater variety of choice.  If you are concerned about whether an overseas model meets Australian Standards, here is a bit more information to help you out. Read more

Can I fit three car seats across? Find out here…

Which car will fit three car seats across? I’ve seen this question asked repeatedly among families of multiples or with closely aged young children. I’ve been able to collate a list of motor vehicles and the car seats (capsules through to booster seats) that fit in them. This list has been provided by individuals, so I can’t verify the information provided and strongly suggest you check that your chosen child seats definitely fit in your car before purchasing either the car or the seats! I’ll continue to update this list periodically, so feel free to email me with your own vehicle details and specific child seats that fit three across. Read more

Convertible Car Seats – A Guide to Australian Car Seat Laws:

In Australia, recent changes to car seat laws mean children must be in a child restraint when traveling in a vehicle until they are seven years old. The laws relating to child restraints are based on age for simplicity, but it is important to take their size in to account to ensure they are in the appropriate type of child seat to maximise their safety. Parents need to check for shoulder markers on child seats to gauge whether their child is ready to transition to the next type of seating. It is safest to move your child to the next stage of car restraint once they have outgrown the previous one, rather than simply transitioning when they have reached the minimum age requirement complying with car seat laws. Read more

Triple and Quad Prams

Which triple stroller or pram should I buy?

There are several reviews for triple strollers and prams on US websites, but not a lot for Australians. Whether you have a multiple birth or several closely aged children, you may find yourself looking for a triple or quad pram and unsure of which one you should buy. (Hot Tip: If you’re not someone who likes drawing attention, start getting used to the idea because there isn’t a subtle way to transport three or more tiny humans around at one time.)

There are several options out there, so I’ve collated some reviews of various triple strollers in one place to help you get a feel for what’s available in Australia. This is a basic rundown based on peoples’ personal experiences that will hopefully provide you with a starting point if you’ve just started looking. I haven’t received any form of payment from pram manufacturers or suppliers to write this article – I just realised that people keep asking the same questions and wanted to try and provide some answers… Read more

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