My review of the ZoeBaby Trio Stroller

zoebaby trio+ stroller

If there’s one thing you need to know about parenting multiples, it’s that this exciting journey is full of surprises. There are a lot of twists and turns – the only way to make sure you are prepared is to be flexible and adaptive. This leads me to why I’m sharing this triple stroller review, because I fell in love with the flexibility and adaptiveness of this pram. I hope you get some value from this very candid feedback. I can’t stress enough how much hearing the opinions of other parents has helped me make informed decisions throughout my parenting journey. Okay! On with my ZoeBaby Trio stroller review…

In January, I was pushing my single toddler around and by June, my husband and I were shopping for twins who were well on their way. Life was about to get busy! Yes, it was an unplanned surprise, but we were thrilled about the sudden addition of two more children to our household. With a pair and a spare, I was desperate and needed a stroller that was light, easy to use and could change with the needs of my growing family. That’s how I found the ZoeBaby Trio+ stroller.

zoebaby triple stroller

ZoeBaby Triple Stroller Review – everything you need to know:

Officially titled ZoeBaby The Trio+, this stroller is one the best strollers for triplets or three young kids under 5. It consists of the Zoe Twin+ (a double stroller) that can be converted into a triple stroller by attaching the Trio+ Add-on seat. That’s how you get a simple conversion to the the Trio+. It’s simple and genius!

This side-by-side stroller comes in two models: Classic and Luxe. The Luxe model is fancier, with leatherette handles and ball-bearing wheels, and will set you back approximately $100 more than the Classic model. The ZoeBaby triple stroller stroller was designed to be flexible and adaptive for parents with multiple kids or growing families.

When an older child outgrows the stroller, the add-on can be simply removed to turn into a double stroller. In the same way, if you have another child on the way, it can be easily converted into a quad stroller – I’ll elaborate on the quad stroller feature in another post!

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that will hopefully make my ZoeBaby Triple Stroller Review as helpful as possible: 

Does The ZoeBaby Trio Stroller Fit Through A Standard Door?

Most standard doors in the US vary between 32 inches and 36 inches. Even though the Zoe Baby Trio+ is a side-by-side stroller, it is 29 inches wide and easily passes through a standard door. This makes it great for travel in compact spaces as well as smaller grocery stores and cafes and even on the subway.

 How Do You Fit The ZoeBaby Triple Stroller Into The Car?

The ZoeBaby Triple Stroller quickly folds into a compact carry-on. This is done by detaching the add-on from the Twin+ and then simply pulling the seat strap on each to make the stroller collapse. The result is that you have two strollers folded that measure 7 x 26.25 x 29 inches and can be easily squeezed into the trunk of your car. It’s also Disney-approved and can be gate-checked at airports, making it perfect for road trips as well as your summer vacation to Disneyland.  (If you weren’t aware, Disneyland have some pretty strict rules around strollers / kid wagons.)

How Much Does The ZoeBaby Trio Weigh?

The ZoeBaby Triple Stroller weighs 30 lbs. The ZoeBaby Twin+ alone weighs 19 pounds, with the remainder of the weight coming from the add-on seat.

zoebaby trio+ stroller

What Is The Maximum Weight Capacity Of The Zoebaby Trio+?

The maximum weight capacity of the ZoeBaby Triple Stroller is 45 lbs per seat. This should mean you’ll easily be using it until your child/children reach the age of five or so years.

Do The Seats Recline Individually On The ZoeBaby Trio Stroller?

The seats of the ZoeBaby Triple Stroller recline around 165 degrees. This means the babies can be put down for a nap where they’ll be reclining or leaning but won’t be flat on their backs. While the recline is perfect for the passengers at the back, the front add-on seat recline is often met with resistance from the back.

In our case, one of the twins wasn’t too keen on the front seat recline because she felt it invaded her personal space. (She’ll definitely have tons of fun flying coach in the future.) The result was that she kept kicking her brother’s seat, so we had to move her to the front when we wanted to put him down for a nap. 

What Age Is The ZoeBaby Triple Stroller Suitable For?

The ZoeBaby Triple Stroller can be used for infants older than 3 months up to 4-5 years of age. The maximum weight limit per seat is 45 lbs.

It is important to note that, unlike the Peg Preggo, the ZoeBaby Triple Stroller cannot be used for infants or with car seats which is a drawback.

Current Availability/Where To Buy, Worldwide? Etc

The ZoeBaby Triple Stroller is available on The Trio+ can be purchased together, or if you already own a ZoeBaby Twin+, you can order the Trio+ Add-on seat, which can be attached to make the Trio+. currently only ships to the US. 

Triple Stroller vs Stroller Wagon: Which one should you buy?

triple stroller vs stroller wagon

If you have three children under five, sometimes you dread the idea of leaving the house. If dragging multiple strollers and managing sippy cups and snacks is beginning to feel like an intense workout, it’s time to pick a side and choose your ultimate ride.
The question is: Triple Stroller vs Stroller Wagon?

So what’s the difference between the two and which one is better for your family? Here are some factors to help you decide. I’ve included a comparison chart at the end of this article because I love a pro and con list. It helps me make informed decisions! My husband rolls his eyes at my pro and con lists because he thinks it’s silly, but I tell him my method is foolproof because it’s why I agreed to marry him. (He was a clear winner – the only con being his painfully slow driving.) Now, here we are: happily married with our three kids- a four year old boy and twin girls, seated in our favorite stroller wagon.

Whats’s the difference between a triple stroller vs stroller wagon?

A triple stroller is a stroller that is designed for triplets or three young kids. Some triple strollers are wide with three seats side-by-side, while others are narrower and have three seats in tandem.

A stroller wagon, on the other hand, is a wagon that is designed to seat multiple kids. Think of it like a tiny bus for little people.

Just like a stroller, they’re full of features like a canopy, foot wells, storage space, and removable 5-point harness seats. However, most stroller wagons can be pushed as well as pulled.

triple stroller vs stroller wagon

At what age can you put a baby in a stroller wagon?

Stroller wagons like the Familidoo W4 Wagon and the Wonderfold W4 Luxe Fold Stroller Wagon are recommended for babies older than 6 months. If you want a stroller wagon for infants, you need to choose one that comes with an adapter that can then be attached to an infant car seat.

Some triple strollers like the Zoe XL3 Trio+ are suitable for babies as young as 3 months.

Can a baby sleep in a stroller wagon?

Most wagon strollers are designed to fit multiple kids in a seated position. But kids get tired and need a nap.

That’s why wagon strollers like the Wonderfold W4 Luxe Fold Stroller have removable seats that make enough space for a toddler to take a nap. Infants and babies under 6 months should never be placed in a stroller wagon without an infant seat.

Is it easier to push a triple stroller or pull a stroller wagon?

There’s no right answer to this question. We love our Wonderfold W4 Luxe Fold Stroller Wagon and while my husband prefers to pull it along using the pull-strap option, I prefer to use the adjustable handlebar and push the stroller. I also like to keep an eye on the kids, so it depends on what you prefer.

Ease comes from the all-terrain wheels. Whether you choose to push a stroller like the Zoe Trio+ or pull a wagon, it’s all about the strength of those durable wheels. If your day involves inclined slopes and rough terrain, Wonderfold W4 wins. That’s because it is a breeze to pull through sandy beaches and push through uphill inclines.

 Triple strollers may be great for parks, but when it comes to sand, they become as stubborn as a toddler having a meltdown in the candy aisle.

Triple Stroller vs Stroller Wagon: Pro’s and Cons

When it comes to choosing the right ride for your family, you need to consider your budget, your children’s personalities, your traveling style, and your needs.

All in favor of the triple stroller, raise your hand!

Here’s what I love about triple strollers. It gives each child their own space, is light and easy to use, and has ample storage space. Some manufacturers of triple strollers have thought of everything, and I mean everything! Take the Zoe XL3, for example, which is designed for three children under five. It is lightweight and has rear seats that can recline 165 degrees, so babies as young as 3 months can take a nap. It also has a max weight capacity of 45 lbs, which means you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

My favorite part about the Zoe XL3 is that this stroller downsizes to a double stroller, so you can switch from a triple stroller to a double when you need it.

While in-line strollers are narrow and work well for tight spaces like the subway, many side-by-side triple strollers may be too wide and bulky. You need to weigh up where you’ll most likely be needing to visit with your little ones.

And Team Stroller Wagon?

Stroller wagons are great if your kids get along and like playing with each other. They have more storage space than triple strollers, and features like snack and toy compartments allow children to eat, play and move in and out at ease. It’s like a playpen on wheels. Since the maximum weight limit is 300 lbs, even older kids can get some rest.

They’re great for picnics, beach trips and trips to the zoo but may not be so ideal for grocery runs, subways, narrow paths and even travel. In fact, some tourist destinations, like Disney Parks do not allow stroller wagons.

Once you know the features you need, it’s easy to pick the winner of the Stroller Wagon vs Triple Stroller debate.
For reference, here’s a copy of my own decision making process below… good luck!

Max Weight Limit45 lbs/seat300 lbs
Number of Seats34
Age Range3+ months6+ months
Easily PortableYesYes
Personal SpaceYesNo
Fits Standard DoorwayYesYes
Disney approvedYesNo
Easy to foldYesYes
*ZoeBaby Trio+ XL3 Stroller**Wonderfold W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon
whats the difference between triple stroller and stroller wagon

A Quick Word About Australian Standards for Prams and Strollers

A Quick Word About Australian Standards for Prams and Strollers:

Due to the limited range of triple and quad prams available in Australia, many families are turning to online stores for a greater variety of choice.  If you are concerned about whether an overseas model meets Australian Standards, here is a bit more information to help you out. Read more

Triple and Quad Prams

Which triple stroller or pram should I buy?

There are several reviews for triple strollers and prams on US websites, but not a lot for Australians. Whether you have a multiple birth or several closely aged children, you may find yourself looking for a triple or quad pram and unsure of which one you should buy. (Hot Tip: If you’re not someone who likes drawing attention, start getting used to the idea because there isn’t a subtle way to transport three or more tiny humans around at one time.)

There are several options out there, so I’ve collated some reviews of various triple strollers in one place to help you get a feel for what’s available in Australia. This is a basic rundown based on peoples’ personal experiences that will hopefully provide you with a starting point if you’ve just started looking. I haven’t received any form of payment from pram manufacturers or suppliers to write this article – I just realised that people keep asking the same questions and wanted to try and provide some answers… Read more