Connect with parents of Triplets, Quads and more

Whether you’re a first time parent, or already have a few tiny humans running around, being a parent to three, four or more children at once is a pretty special experience. Sometimes, however, it can feel a little lonely as not many other people “get it”. That’s why I created this space – I hope you find some value in the articles here and a small sense of being connected to those of us out there who completely understand what it’s like.

Seeking advice during your triplet pregnancy?

Being pregnant with multiples can feel daunting, with scary statistics and “high risk” scenarios being discussed as well as trepidation about strain on your finances, relationship or your body. Don’t lose sight of the fact that you’ve actually just hit the jackpot and are about to experience such a unique parenting journey that will bring you joys like you cannot imagine.

I hope you find this website useful and reassuring during your pregnancy and that the next few months before you meet your babies are an uneventful as possible. I highly recommend reading about breastfeeding triplets or more as well as being aware of your mental health because it’s important to know that no two peoples experiences are the same. Whether you’re a mother, father or a partner, don’t go comparing yourself to anyone else because when you’re caring for multiple babies, it’s important to do whatever it takes to make sure YOU are being looked after as well.

Parenting triplets, quads or even more:

Being a parent of multiples is intense, challenging and exceptionally rewarding. It’s as though everything is magnified, both the highs and the lows! There are certainly a few scenarios that parents of triplets or more are faced with that are unique to your situation, such as whether to separate your children in school, how to deal with birthday parties and even how other people treat your children as individuals.

I want to be able to support families with triplets or more by providing product reviews on triple and quad prams, car seat comparisons and information on products that are helpful when caring for several young children at once. If you have any feedback on what products you’d like to see road tested or want to submit a review of your own or tips on caring for triplets, please get in touch.

This website is aimed at helping families of higher order multiples feel more connected. If you have a personal experience of your multiple pregnancy or some of the unique experiences of parenting triplets or more, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me with your own stories to share what you’ve learned with other families out there!

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