My Review of the Childcraft Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller

I’ve been scouring triplet mom Facebook pages and sales pages to put together a really comprehensive review of the Childcraft Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller – phew, try saying that three times fast!

As the name suggests, this is a tandem stroller, so there are no concerns with fitting through standard doorways and shopping aisles…if you can align yourself right in the middle of the supermarket, you might even be able to keep tiny hands from grabbing the baked beans off the shelf as you go past.

This is one of the more affordable triple prams on the market, giving good value for parents already grappling with the financial strain of having multiple babies at once. In fact, the affordability of the Childcraft Trio means you can invest in a detachable cup holder, since it doesn’t come with one. This stroller was obviously designed by a carefree, childless individual who goes out drinking after work on a Friday and meets up with friends for brunch on the weekend, because they don’t comprehend that caffeine is indeed the life force of new parents, and particularly parents of triplets! Sorry, I digress… Despite the lack of cup holders, Childcraft realize you need to carry loads of gear with you every time you leave the house and provide you with generous storage.

The stroller is given a thumbs up by users for ease of handling and it sports safety brakes which automatically engage when the handle is released as well as 5 point safety harnesses.

From the passenger’s perspective, the Trio Sport Triple features 45 degree reclining seats, soft padding on most surfaces, sun shade canopies and shock absorbing rubberized wheels to provide a smooth ride. Unfortunately, the straps lack padding so may not be as comfy as they could be.

Buyers have commented on its ease of assembly and compact design when folded, which makes it fit in the back of large sedans and SUV models.

Overall, feedback on this triple stroller was pretty good. The fact that the seats don’t recline, however, may mean you need to consider using a twin stroller and baby carrier for the first few months or following my tips for securing your newborn in a tandem stroller here.

You can read about the specific dimensions of the Childcraft Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller (yep, that’s still a mouthful!) on their website.


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