Raising Triplets, Quads or More (and staying sane)

Being a parent of triplets or higher order multiples is a heck of a ride. Having several young children at once is certainly a handful, and many of the challenges faced by parents of multiples can be similar to that of parents who have closely aged children (eg three under 3), but there is no doubt that certain issues (and joys) are unique to having multiples.

Common Challenges Raising Triplets or More Include:

Breastfeeding multiple babies at once
Finding a triple or quad pram that caters for several newborns
– Exhaustion like nothing you’ve ever experienced
– Financial strain (while the total amount spent on things like nappies equals out for anyone with a number of children, the pressure of being hit with it all at once can be hard. Three or more of cots, high chairs, car seats etc…ouch!)
Decisions like whether to keep your kids together in school (what if two are ready to start this year, but the other might not be ready until next year?)
– Shared birthday parties and giving them their own identity

The list goes one, but you get the idea…

Raising multiples can feel isolating in the early years and that’s why I feel like its’ important to share our stories and experiences with others. Its’ also the most amazing and unique experience that I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy. If you would like to share your experience with raising triplets or more, please get in touch!

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