Raising Triplets, Quads or More (and staying sane)

Being a parent of triplets or higher order multiples is a heck of a ride and no one really understands what it’s like unless they’ve been there themselves. Having several young children at a time is always a handful and many of the challenges faced by parents of multiples can be similar to that of parents who have closely aged children (eg three under 3). There are, however, some experiences faces by parents of higher order multiples that are truly unique.

Common Challenges Raising Triplets or More Include:

  1. Breastfeeding multiple babies
  2. Finding triple and quad prams that cater for several newborns
  3. Financial strain
    While the amount of money spent on things like nappies equals out over the years for anyone with three or more children, the pressure of being hit with it all at once can be hard. There’s also no re-using items for the next child, when you need several all at once! Three or more cots, high chairs etc can really hurt the hip pocket!
  4. Difficult decisions such as whether to keep your kids in the same class at school or not – what if two are ready to start school this year, but one might not be ready until next year?
  5. Shared birthdays and how to give your triplets their own identity

The list goes on… but you get the idea. Raising triplets, quads or more can feel isolating during the early years, but it truly is the most amazing and unique experience that I feel so lucky to have been able to enjoy. I found there was a whole lot of information about parenting twins on the internet, but struggles to find much in the way of resources from parents of triplets or higher order multiples. Maybe that’s because those parents don’t have time to be online! Anyway, my life has slowed up a little as my own kids have gotten older and I feel I owe it to others out there raising triplets or more to share what I’ve learned over the past decade. If you would also like to share your experiences, I’d love to feature stories from other parents of multiples, so please get in touch!

Raising multiples can feel isolating in the early years and that’s why I feel like its’ important to share our stories and experiences with others. Its’ also the most amazing and unique experience that I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy. If you would like to share your experience with raising triplets or more, please get in touch!

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