So, you’re pregnant with triplets?

From the earliest symptoms of a multiple pregnancy, the road of those expecting triplets, quads or even higher, isn’t an easy one. Fears of premature birth, infant loss, financial and marital strain, not to mention the physical toll that carrying multiple babies may take on your body are all running through your head. The very idea of attempting to breastfeed when you’re expecting triplets may be completely overwhelming. There are many resources out there for parents of twins, but for triple, quad or higher multiple births, there is an enormous lack of information available, which can isolate you further.

Take a deep breath, sit down and read on. This site is aimed at helping you get your head around what to expect with a multiple pregnancy. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and even a little scared at first, but you will soon discover (despite the difficulty of the next few years) that you have just become one of the luckiest families out there to experience the absolute joy of raising triplets or more.

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