Ten Pieces of Advice when Expecting Triplets or more

Ten Pieces of Advice when Expecting Triplets or more…

When I was pregnant with my trio, my midwife put me in touch with a couple of other triplet parents so they could give me some advice of what to expect. Some of the tips they gave me were really valuable and I was so grateful to be able to hear from those that had been there before me. I recently approached a group of HOM parents and asked them to dish up their best advice for expectant families…here are the results:

1. If you are suffering insomnia while pregnant, get up and eat a protein snack. Your metabolism is going crazy trying to keep up with the demands of the little people on board. The snack will help you settle. (This piece of advice saved my sanity!)

2. Layer the cot bedding as follows: Mattress protector, fitted sheet, mattress protector, fitted sheet, mattress protector, fitted sheet. It will make it so much easier to deal with those 2am cot changes.

3. Invest in a motorised swing, the rocking motion will be a valuable extra set of arms for a crying baby.

4. Boppy pillows (horseshoe shaped) are also so handy for keeping your little ones a little more upright while feeding.

5. Get your babies used to drinking formula made up with room temperature water (not warmed) from the start…it will make going out so much easier not having to worry about getting bottles heated etc.Surprising triplet pregnancy

6. Arrange to hire a good quality breast pump when the babies are born. You can try contacting your local Multiple Birth Association, Australian Breastfeeding Association or local pharmacies who may be able to offer this service.

7. Avoid baby clothes with lots of buttons or ties. Press studs are great and onesies will make life simpler in those early months of dressing and undressing tiny humans!

8. Have your freezer full of ready to eat meals such as casseroles, soups and risottos. Cook extra for a few months and freeze your leftovers.

9. People will tell you to “let them know if there’s anything they can do to help”. LET THEM KNOW. I can’t stress this enough. People really are willing to help you out, but won’t force themselves upon you, so you will need to actually ask them. When someone makes this offer to you, ask them specifically what they feel they might be able to do (such as cook a meal one a week, mow your lawn, walk the dog, watch the babies for half an hour in the mornings while you have a shower). Everyone has different strengths and availability so use them for what you can.

10. Make time for your relationship with your partner. This period of time is going to be tough on you two at times and sleep deprivation can make you both a little snappy. Lock in a few hours every 4-6 weeks that you go out for dinner, have a coffee together, go for a surf, whatever you enjoy doing together. Make it a priority to ask a friend or relative if they would be willing to help you out as a babysitter for 2-3 hours and book them in weeks in advance. Your relationship is so important and putting a little time and energy in to maintaining it is crucial.

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